bfagent executable file for the Rational Build Agent on IBM i systems

The bfagent executable file starts the Rational® Build Agent. It reads its configuration from a bfagent.conf file in the same directory.

On IBM® i, the agent is typically started using the QSH command

The syntax for the command is:
bfagent [-f configfile | -s]
-f configfile
Run using the configuration file in configfile, rather than bfagent.conf. This is a runtime option on IBM i, z/OS®, UNIX, or Linux. It is a debugging option when running the agent manually on Windows. It cannot be used for starting the service on Windows.
Start as a standalone service. You can use this option only on IBM i, z/OS, UNIX, or Linux. Running this way is an alternative to starting bfagent with either the inetd or xinetd.

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