Locating the agent configuration file for UNIX, Linux, and Windows systems

The agent configuration file, bfagent.conf, provides runtime configuration of the agent's operation.

For a detailed explanation of all the options, see bfagent.conf file for the Rational Build Agent on z/OS systems.

The bfagent.conf file is located in the agent installation directory:
  • Windows default: C:\Program Files\IBM\Build Forge\Agent\bfagent.conf
  • UNIX and Linux default: /etc/bfagent.conf
Important: On Windows, UNIX or Linux, if you make changes to the bfagent.conf file in the installation directory, you must repeat the changes after you subsequently reinstall or upgrade the agent. The configuration file is overwritten during every installation.
You can specify an alternate configuration file:
  • On UNIX or Linux systems, you can preserve agent configurations by using a configuration file outside of the agent installation directory. When you do this, use the -f command line option on the command that starts the agent. Example:
    bfagent -f /opt/bfagent.conf
  • On Windows systems, you cannot start the service with this option. The service can be used only when you run the agent manually. It is a tool for debugging.

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