Running an agent on Linux and UNIX

The agent is intended to be run as a service and needs to be restarted automatically at system restart.
Add a bfagent entry to your configuration of inetd or xinetd as appropriate. The following example is the bfagent entry in xinetd.d on a Linux system, where the agent is installed in /usr/local/bin:
# description: The IBM Rational Build Agent serves build requests
#    from the IBM Rational Build Forge Management Console.
service bfagent
        disable         = no
        flags           = REUSE
        socket_type     = stream
        wait            = no
        user            = root
        server          = /usr/local/bin/bfagent
        log_on_failure  += USERID
The agent can be run outside of the inetd/xinetd environment if necessary. To run it as a standalone daemon, use the -s option.
bfagent -s

When you use this option, the agent moves into the background and begins listening for connections. Place this command in a startup script so that the agent starts automatically when the computer is started.

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