Adding and configuring widgets

You can add, configure, edit, and manipulate widgets on a dashboard.

About this task

You can add and remove various widgets to and from a dashboard. Widgets can be added from the dashboard's current Jazz™ Team Server, or they can be added from other applications that are configured as friends of the current server.

After you add widgets, you can configure and edit the content of the widgets, or you can manipulate their appearance on the dashboard.

Multiple types of widgets are available to use on a dashboard:
  • Dashboard widgets: Designed specifically for use on Jazz Team Server dashboards; many widgets are available with Jazz Team Server dashboards and offerings that use Jazz Team Server dashboards.
  • OpenSocial gadgets: A common type of widget used online, which can be developed specifically for use on Jazz Team Server dashboards or externally.
  • Lotus iWidgets: Used by Lotus® Connections and other IBM® products.

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