Moving and copying widgets

You can move or copy widgets on a dashboard.


  • To move a widget:
    1. Move the cursor over the title area until the cursor changes to indicate that you can move it.
    2. Drag the widget and follow the dotted outline until you find the new location. Other widgets move into the vacant spot.
    3. You can also drag the widget into a different page. To do so, drag the widget and drop it onto the target page tab. After that, select that page tab and continue to move the widget into the final position.
      Moving a widget with by dragging

      You can also drag a widget from a personal dashboard and drop it in the mini dashboard. Guide lines show the target location of the widget. Dragging and dropping a widget removes the widget from the source dashboard and adds it to the target dashboard. To add a copy of a personal dashboard's widget to your mini dashboard, click Duplicate widget in the widget's menu, then drag the new copy to the mini dashboard

  • To copy a widget:
    1. In the widget menu, click Copy Widget.
    2. Open a different page on the current dashboard or a different dashboard that you have permission to modify.
    3. Click the Paste icon (Paste) in the dashboard toolbar.
      • To prevent unintentional duplication when you copy a widget from one dashboard to another, ensure that you copy and paste between the same browser type. For example, if you copy a widget from a dashboard that uses a Mozilla Firefox browser, be sure to paste the widget to a dashboard that is also using Mozilla Firefox.
      • The copy mechanism uses HTML5 local browser storage. In addition, you cannot copy from one application to another unless they are both on the same host name, domain, and port. (This browser security feature prevents other sites from seeing your private data. If you attempt to do so, you get an error that informs you that your clipboard is empty, or the copy mechanism uses the clipboard associated with that server, which pastes erroneous text.)