Accessing project and team dashboards

Project and team dashboards are automatically created when you first visit the project or team area. You can also create dashboards as needed.

About this task

New dashboards are pre-populated with a set of widgets that are designed to help a user get started with the dashboard. This default set of widgets is determined by the dashboard templates in the process specification and can be modified by a project administrator with the appropriate permissions. By default, project and team dashboards are viewable by all users, but visibility can be restricted by modifying project access rules.


To access a project or team dashboard:
  • Open the dashboard from the Home menu:
    1. Click the down arrow next to the Home icon (home).
    2. Select the project in the application section.
      Main Project list in dashboard

      If the project does not have a dashboard, this action creates a dashboard that is pre-populated with some basic widgets that you can modify.

  • Open the dashboard from the Project Dashboards menu:
    1. Click the Project Dashboards menu, and select All project or team name dashboards.
      Dashboard menu: All Project/Team Dashboards option highlighted
    2. In the All project or team name Dashboards page, locate the project or team area.
      Tip: You can search for the team name in the search box.
    3. Click the team or project name to open the dashboard.