Configuring help content for RCP applications

The help delivery system is packaged as an Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) help application and includes an executable file (help.exe). The help application contains the basic help infrastructure that is required to run a help system and minimal product-specific information.

By default, you access the help content from the remote IBM® Knowledge Center on the Internet. Alternatively, you can download product help and deploy the IBM Knowledge Center locally on your computer or on a server on your network. If you deploy the help on a local server, each team member can configure their client to access the help on that server.

To open the help from the product with any of these methods, click Help > Help Contents. In some products, the menu options are Help > Contents and Index.

To open the help in another language, add -nl language_abbreviation to the startup command. Example: C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\DOORS\9.6\help.exe -nl es