Accessing the log information

To troubleshoot issues with the help system, review the information in the log file.


  1. In a browser, open the Help Administration page by typing a URL that is in this format: http://server:port/help-name/updater/admin.jsp.
    For example, https://localhost:9443/clmhelp/updater/admin.jsp.
    Important: To access the Help Administration page, you must first start the Jazz Team Server for your product. For a local installation of the product, the startup script is located in this folder:
    • Windows: <InstallationDir>:\<ServerInstallationFolder>\IBM\JazzTeamServerBeta\server\server.startup.bat
    • Linux: /opt//IBM/JazzTeamServerBeta/server/
  2. Click the View Log tab.
    The log file is loaded into the user interface for you.
  3. Optional: To save the log file, select all of the log information and copy it into a text editor. Save the file with a .log extension.