Money that Matters sample

IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) comes with the Money That Matters sample that is based on a fictitious banking company, JKE Banking. The Money That Matters sample illustrates a specific ELM usage example, and highlights lifecycle collaboration and key ELM integration points.

The detailed scenario and supporting lifecycle project and assets enable you to step through the practices, activities, and collaboration that occur in Sprint 2 of the ELM lifecycle. The Money that Matters sample includes the following artifacts:
  • The Money that Matters Lifecycle scenario that sets the context for the Money That Matters initiative and provides a detailed description of the scenario workflow.
  • The JKE Banking lifecycle project with associated artifact containers for requirements management, change and configuration management, and quality management.
To get started, see the following information:
Note: The Money that Matters Lifecycle Scenario is hosted at Jazz®.net and requires you to log in.

You can also choose to work through the related tutorial on the Money that Matters lifecycle scenario (duration approximately two hours).

If you have IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights (ENI) installed and registered with Jazz Team Server, you can install the ENI Basic Sample, which creates sample artifacts in the ENI application. If you have ELM applications (RM, CCM, and QM) installed and registered with Jazz Team Server, installing ENI Basic Sample also creates Money that Matters artifacts in those applications.

An enterprise version of the Money that Matters sample is also available. The Money that Matters Enterprise sample contains requirements artifacts that are created from the newer free-form diagram editor.