Learning resources for ELM

Many resources about effectively using IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) are available. You can choose which learning resources to use depending on your role, skill level, interests, and the time you have.
The following types of learning resources are available. To learn more about them, including where to find them and what you gain by using them, see the detailed descriptions.

Videos and multimedia

Many videos and multimedia are available to help you learn about a wide range of ELM capabilities.
  • The IBM Rational® User Education channel hosts playlists of demonstrations of ELM topics and products.
  • The Jazz™.net channel provides demos and how-to videos about IBM Rational Jazz technology and products that are built on it. Videos are produced by the Jazz.net community and developers.
  • The developerWorks® website provides demos of IBM products. To watch demonstrations on developerWorks, go to the developerWorks technical library. Expand Filter by products, topics, and types of content. Select a product. In the Content type field, select Demos.
  • Videos are available for download from this web page.


Tours offer a video overview of ELM product features and capabilities. Watch tours to get a high-level introduction to a product or capability.

Tours are available for the solution as a whole, for individual products, and for selected features. You can access tours from the Tours book in the documentation.


Tutorials provide instructions for common tasks. Some tutorials also explain the concepts that you need to understand before you start a task. Complete a tutorial to learn to do a task, or revisit a tutorial for a reminder of how to do a task that you do not often do.

More than 30 tutorials are available for the ELM products. You can access them from the Tutorials book in the documentation.

ELM sample

The Money That Matters sample uses a fictitious banking company, JKE Banking, to illustrate a specific ELM usage example, and to highlight lifecycle collaboration and key ELM integration points. The sample includes a detailed scenario and a supporting lifecycle project and assets.


Scenarios describe effective practices for working in the ELM environment. Some of the scenarios are based on information that was in the Tool Mentors in the IBM Practices library. Scenarios describe how to do multiple tasks to achieve a larger goal, such as managing risks or managing iterations.

The ELM scenario presents one path through using the Requirements Management, Quality Management, and Change and Configuration Management applications to create the release of a product.

You can access the scenarios from the product documentation.


Jazz.net is the community site for IBM's Jazz technology and the products that are based on Jazz technology. The website contains a wealth of articles, tips, downloads, and forums. It is the site where IBM self-hosts its Jazz development work, which means you can interact directly with the development teams and other community members.
  • The Jazz.net Library contains articles, presentations, podcasts, and more.
  • In the Jazz.net forums, you can share information with and get help from other users of CLM products.

Learning circles

A learning circle is a community space where people come to learn about a subject. Learning circles offer targeted resources and guided learning activities that are selected by subject matter experts. Use learning circles for these purposes:
  • To build your learning roadmaps
  • To discuss learning activities with other learning circle members so that you can deepen your understanding or help others
  • To ask questions or join a conversation in the community forum: a place where you can ask your getting-started questions
  • To blog about your ideas and experiences, and learn from others' blog posts
  • To find experts and more resources
For more information, see these resources:

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