Learn how to install the product.
Installing IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM)
IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management is a three tier architecture that requires the installation of database, application server, and rich or web client to connect to the server. Read the planning section to get familiar with the installation process and when ready to install, click the Interactive installation guide link to produce a customized installation guide for your environment.
Installing optional tools, clients, and samples
Before you can install the optional tools, you must obtain the installation files. The launchpad program includes links to install IDE clients, tools for developers such as, Shell and MSSCCI tools, Build System Toolkit, and connectors.
Uninstalling Jazz Team Server and the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management applications
To uninstall Jazz Team Server and the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) applications, use IBM Installation Manager.
Release notes for the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management
This document contains information about system requirements, installation, and known issues for IBM Engineering Workflow Management, IBM Engineering Test Management, IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights, and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next. It also provides information about contacting IBM Software Support.

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