Accessibility preferences for Eclipse products

You can set preferences to customize wizards, editors, views, and consoles by changing the font and color settings.

To access the Preferences window, click Window > Preferences.
Table 1. Accessibility preferences that can be customized
Preference Accessibility feature
General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts Set fonts to use in wizards, editors, consoles, and views
General > Editors > Text Editors Set the colors for the line number foreground, current line highlight, print margin, find scope, selection foreground color, selection background color, background color, foreground color, and hyperlinks
General > Editors > Text Editors > Accessibility Set caret and vertical ruler options
General > Editors > Text Editors > Annotations Set the colors for search results, spelling errors, and warnings
General > Editors > Text Editors > Quick Diff Set the colors to show differences
General > Keys Set the behavior of keyboard shortcuts
General > Search Set the foreground color for potential matches
Ant Set the console colors for different types of Ant messages
Ant > Editor Click the Syntax tab. Set the colors for the comments, tags, text, and other parts of the syntax
Java > Editor Set the colors for the matching bracket highlight, code completion, and parameters
Run/Debug Set the colors for running and debugging
Run/Debug > Console Set the colors for out text, error text, in text, and background

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