Validating delivered models and designs

You can evaluate models on the Design Management Server to ensure that they are well-formed and meet the constraints that are defined for a particular domain.

About this task

In Design Management, constraints are elements that you can create, edit, and delete, and they are associated with a particular domain. You can also review and comment on the constraints.

You can perform two types of validation on models that are stored on the Design Management Server:
  • Batch validation: Validation occurs when you finish editing the properties of an element and save the changes.
  • Live validation: Each time that you edit a property of an element and click Save, the class constrains are validated immediately. If the constraints are not satisfied during the validation, you cannot save the data to the server.
You can use the following languages to create constraints:
  • Regular expressions for text strings
  • Ranges for integers
  • JavaScript
  • SPARQL Protocol And RDF Query Language (SPARQL) SELECT statements