Adding elements to sketches

To populate a sketch, you can add elements by using the Palette.

Before you begin

Create a sketch and open it in the sketch editor. See Sketching simple diagrams.


  1. To add an element to a sketch, in the Sketcher Diagram, click an empty space and then select an element from the Palette.
  2. Optional: You can choose to complete the following options:
    • To nest a shape inside another shape, click a shape and then select a shape from the Palette.
    • To duplicate a shape, hover the cursor over a shape to display the duplicate handle in the lower-right corner of the shape, and then drag the handle to an empty space in the diagram.
    • To link a shape to another shape, hover the cursor over the source shape, and then drag the link handle to the target shape.
    • To rename a shape, double-click the name label, type the new name, and press Enter. You can press Shift+Enter to add new line to the name label. Or, if you want to have a totally new label, you can select the shape and start typing a new label.
    • To reposition the label on the shape, you can change the label position on the Properties tab.
    • To set a custom image into any shape, select the shape, click the properties icon on the Palette, and then edit the shape's properties. For more information, see Adding images to sketches.
    • To add a hyperlink to the sketch, use the link shape.
    • On a border shape, drag the resize handle from the border to make it wider than taller.