Configuring the Rational Rhapsody Design Manager Import Engine

Before you start the IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® Design Manager Import Engine, you must set it up correctly. Typically, you configure the import engine once for each computer. For example, if your team has five separate computers that contain model content for the Design Management Server, your team must configure the import engine on each of the individual computers.

Before you begin

Before you configure the import engine, you must ensure that the Jazz™ Team Server where you want to import the models is started. To start the server, click Start > All Programs > IBM Rational Design Manager > Start the Jazz Team Server. In the Tomcat command window, wait for this message: INFO: Server startup in # ms. This step might take a while to complete the first time that you start the server; however, on subsequent instances, the server starts faster.

Also, if you plan to import Simulink models, MathWorks Simulink must be installed before you configure the import engine.


  1. Click Start > All Programs > IBM Rational Rhapsody Design Manager Import Engine > Configure import engine. The Rational Rhapsody Import Engine configuration utility opens.
  2. In the Server URL field, enter the fully qualified host name of the Rational Rhapsody Design Manager server URL, such as https://[fully qualified hostname]:9443/dm; the front server URL must point to the computer that hosts imported model content.
  3. Enter the appropriate credentials for the Jazz User Account and Jazz User Password. You should create an administrator or functional user that is responsible for placing model content onto the server.
  4. Click Connect. When you are successfully connected to the Rational Rhapsody Design Manager, a list of available definitions is displayed.
  5. Click Add.
  6. In the Select Definitions window, select the definitions you want to run with this instance of the Rational Rhapsody Design Manager Import Engine, then click Add.
  7. Under Configured Definitions select a definition. Then, under Location of Model click in the empty field.
  8. Click the browse button for import engine button to set the path of the Rational Rhapsody project .rpy file or, if you import Simulink models, the .mdl file.
  9. In the Rational Rhapsody Import Engine window, click Save and Exit.


After you configure the import engine, it starts automatically. The import engine is a background process that runs until you stop it. To start the import engine, click Start > All Programs > IBM Rational Rhapsody Design Manager Import Engine > Start import engine. The Start menu also contains an option to stop the import engine.