Importing models to the server

Before you can view IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® models and diagrams on the Web, you must import model data to the model server by using the IBM Rational Rhapsody Design Manager Import Engine.

There are two ways to import Rational Rhapsody models:

  • Manual import: Create a compressed file that contains a single model, and then import that file onto the server. Models of this type are not automatically synchronized on the server. When a model is updated in Rational Rhapsody, you must create another compressed file that contains the updates, and then re-import it onto the server.
  • Automatic import: Create an import definition on the server. An import definition contains the criteria used by the import engine when it runs at scheduled intervals. You can also use a definition to scope the model content you want to import, so that you can import multiple models at runtime.
Rational Rhapsody profiles can be used to create a new domain on the server. You can set Rational Rhapsody Model:Profile:UpdateDomain property to create and associate a new domain for your model as part of the import process. Use these values:
Disables automatic domain updates (default value).
A new domain is created whenever there are changes to a profile.
A new domain is created whenever there are changes to the Model:Profile:DomainVersion. The Design Management Server also updates the domain association version in the project area.