Viewing the report templates that are available for creating reports

Before you create a configuration to generate a report, you must select a report template that specifies the details of a report.

Before you begin

You must be logged in to a project area.

About this task

Out-of-the-box templates are also called deployed templates. Report templates are scoped by project area. When you run a report, the template uses only the context that you are working, and the report is run only on the artifacts that are available in the current context.

If you delete the deployed templates from the Report artifacts editor, they return to being listed in the Deployed templates editor.

The “RestoreInitial contents” button is only enabled for default reports.


  1. From the toolbar, click Analysis > Browse > Report Templates.
  2. Optional: From the dropdown list, specify whether to show all available templates, shared templates, or private templates. Private templates are those that you created. Shared templates are those created by you but can be viewed and used by other users. All available templates includes the templates that you can view or use, as well as predefined templates.

What to do next

If no templates are displayed, you can create your own or deploy the default templates that are available in the product.