Deploying predefined report templates

Design Management Server contains several default report templates that you can use to generates reports about artifacts in the context that your are using.

Before you begin

You must be logged in to a project area. You must have permission to deploy report artifacts.
Tip: This permission is a Team Configuration permission, and is part of the Reports permission group. For more information about setting permissions, see the link to the related task topic at the end of this topic. You must be logged in to a project area, and you must be in a stream for this project area.

About this task

Out-of-the-box (predefined) templates are also called deployed templates. Report templates are scoped by project area. When you run the report, the template uses only the artifacts that are available in the current context.

If you delete the deployed artifacts from the Report Templates editor, they return to being listed in the Deployed artifacts editor.

The RestoreInitial contents button is only enabled for deployed templatesreports.


  1. On the main tool bar, click Analysis > Browse > Report Templates.
  2. Near the top right of the page, click the Deploy predefined Report Templates icon.
  3. On the Deploy predefined Report Templates page, select the templates to deploy; then click Save.


The templates that you select are displayed as shared templates in the Report Templates browser.