Creating report templates

This topic describes creating, specifying deployed templates, and associating other files with a report artifact.

Before you begin

You must be logged in to a project area, and you must have permission to deploy report artifacts.
Tip: This permission is a Team Configuration permission, and is part of the Reports permission group. For more information about setting permissions, see the link to the related task topic at the end of this topic. You must be logged in to a project area, and you must be in a stream for this project area.

You must have access to the IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine template file (.dta) that specifies the contents of the report template. This file is used to generate the document-style reports.


  1. Complete one of the following steps:
    • If you are in the Report Template browser: Near the top right of the page, click Create Report Template.
    • From the toolbar, click Analysis > Create > Report Template.
  2. Complete the fields on the page.
    Note: Check the “Select a report template” section: If you do not see the templates that you selected on the Deploy predefined Report Templates page, refresh the browser page.
  3. Click Save.


The Report Browser opens and the new template is displayed in the list.

What to do next

You can now create a configuration to generate a report.