Generating reports for resources in a Design Management application

You can use the Rational® Publishing Engine Launcher application to generate reports by using the information in a document specification file.

Before you begin

In the Rational Publishing Engine Launcher application, you must be in the RPE Launcher perspective. A document specification file, which has .dsx as a file name extension, must be open and have the following properties configured:
  • Output formats: Configure the formats that you want to generate, and delete the formats that are not required.
  • Templates: Specify the path to the report template file (.dta).
  • Data sources: Specify a user name and password for each data source, and optionally a URL.
  • Variables: If a template defines global variables, examine the default values of those variables and if necessary, specify a more appropriate value.

For more information about configuring the properties in a document specification, see the related link at the end of this topic.


From the main toolbar, click Document Specification > Generate Current Document.


The Rational Publishing Engine - Results window displays links to the generated reports. Each link corresponds to a report format that you configured in the document specification file. To view a report, click its link. To save a report, right-click a link; then select Save Target As.

For more information about generating reports that access resources in a Design Management application, see the link to the related tutorial.