Modifying permissions for Design Management

Permissions are assigned to individual roles at the project level or the team level in a project area, team area, or process template. You can modify the permissions for performing operations on the Permissions tab of the project area or team area. In the web client, you cannot modify permissions in the process template.

Before you begin

You must be logged in to the Jazz™ Team Server web client with an account that has Jazz Administrator privileges or permission to modify the project area.

About this task

Roles represent the way in which you participate in a project, for example, working with a dashboard, working with reviews, or working with baselines. You can define roles to suit the requirements of your project. Each role has specific permissions. You can modify design management permissions related to comments, editing, importing models, link types, reviews, and baseline management.


  1. In a web browser, navigate to the Application Administration - Design Management (/dm) page.
  2. On the Project Areas menu, click Active Project Areas.
  3. In the project area, click Permissions and then select Team Configuration.
  4. In the Roles section of the Permissions editor, select a role for which you want to modify permissions.
  5. In the Permitted Actions section, expand one of the action groupings, such as Dashboards, Design Management, or Process. Select a check box to allow the role to perform an action. Clear the check box to deny the role permission to perform an action.
  6. Optional: To set the text that is shown when permission to perform an operation is denied, select the operation and enter the text in the Explanation to show when permission denied field.
  7. Optional: To prevent a child team area or a project area that consumes the process of this project area from overriding the permission setting for an action, highlight the action and then select Final (ignore customization of this operation in child areas).
  8. Click Save.