Specifying the data management mode

You, or someone with administrator permissions, can modify project properties to specify where designs are stored. You can store designs in a traditional software configuration management (SCM) system such as Rational Team Concert or Rational ClearCase, or you can store designs on the Design Management Server. This process must be done while you are setting up your project, and you cannot move from one mode to the other after you specify the data management mode to use.

About this task

You can define how a project stores design content in two ways:
  • Managed externally using import definition: This mode stores design content in an SCM, and imports design content periodically through scheduled import sessions, or automatically through the use of Ant scripting. The advantage of using this mode is richer source-control capabilities that a traditional SCM provides; conversely, this mode is more time consuming and is not as simple as having the Design Management Server manage design content. Further, this mode also stores two copies of your design artifacts.
  • Actively managed with Design Manager: This mode stores designs within the Design Management Server environment. While this mode might not be as robust as managing design content through an SCM system, you can use this mode when the basic configuration management capabilities provided by the Design Management Server are sufficient.


  1. Log in to the Administration page of the Jazz Team Server or an application that is registered with the server.
  2. Open the dashboard for the project: Click the Home Menu icon near the upper left of the page and, in the Design Management section, click the project name.
  3. Open the properties page for the project: On the right side of the toolbar, click the Administration icon and select Manage This Project Area.
  4. From the sidebar, click Design Domain.
  5. Under the Data Management header, selecting one of the following modes:
    • Managed externally using import definition
    • Actively managed with Design Manager
  6. Click Save.