License management for Design Management

Licensing for the Design Management Server is role based. When you purchase a role-based license for the Design Management Server, you receive access to some or all of the Design Management capabilities, as well as access to the applications in the Rational® solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM).

Client access licenses

When you install the Design Management Server, you deploy the Design Management capabilities, in addition to the Jazz™ Team Server. You then use activation kits to install client access licenses on the Jazz Team Server and assign these licenses to users so that they can access the Design Management capabilities. The client access licences for the Design Management Server also include access to the capabilities in the CLM applications for change and configuration management (CCM), quality management (QM), and requirements management (RM). For more information about the role-based permissions for these applications, see "Client access license management overview".

A client access license for a particular role provides read, write, and commenting access to some or all of the available capabilities.

You install the client access license activation kits on the Jazz Team Server, on the Administration page, in the License Key Management section. You assign the licenses to users in the Client Access License Management section of Jazz User Administration page.

For more information on client access licenses, see the related information links below.

Role-based client access licenses

The roles in the following table correspond to the client access licenses that you can purchase for Design Management Server. There are two role-based licenses that provide access to the Design Management capabilities:
  • Contributor: For extended team members who need to collaborate on models and designs. The Contributor license for Rational Software Architect has the same capabilities as the Contributor license for Rational Team Concert®, Rational Quality Manager, and Rational DOORS® Next Generation.
  • Designer (for Rational Software Architect) or Design Manager (for Rational Rhapsody®): For design practitioners using Rational Software Architect or Rational Rhapsody to create models and designs. This practitioner license has additional access to some of the capabilities from the CCM, RM, and QM applications.
Note: As of the version 5.0 release, the Design Reviewer license is no longer available and has been replaced by the Contributor license for both Rational Software Architect Extension for Design Management and Rational Rhapsody Design Manager. Existing users of the Design Reviewer license must now use the Contributor license instead.
Jazz Team Server Contributor Designer
View and search designs X X
Comment on and mark up designs X X
Perform lifecycle traceability X X
Track work items X X
Plan: agile, formal, hybrid X X
Generate reports X X
Create dashboards X X
Set up design reviews   X
Import designs   X
Edit design resources   X
Manage design streams   X
Create design baselines   X