Repository Tools command-line reference

The Repository Tools application is a command-line application that provides a set of tools to manage Jazz applications, such as Jazz™ Team Server, Design Management, Change and Configuration Management, Quality Management, or Requirements Management.

The Repository Tools application is intended for migrating databases, not for upgrading databases. To back up your database, use the tools and documentation that your database vendor provides.

Note: The Design Management and Rational® solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management commands for the Repository Tools application are almost identical; however, one specific command relates to the Design Management upgrade process. To learn more about the Design Management process, see the related task.
Note: Not all repotools commands apply to Design Management. For example, you can only run the -syncUsers command against the Jazz Team Server as repotools-jts -syncUsers. The -syncUsers command is not available for Design Management because user information is managed by Jazz Team Server. Other commands might not apply to Design Management.
Tip: You can run repotools-dm.xx -help to list all the possible commands, including the command that is associated with the upgrade process.

To learn more about the Repository Tools application reference commands, see the links to related information.