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ClearQuest Gateway - Jazz Team Server Project Removal

Terry Taylor (111) | asked Jan 15 '13, 8:52 p.m.

How do I go about removing a Jazz Team Server Project from the CQ Gateway Synchronization.  When I check the CQ Gateway Status it lists two Projects under the "Jazz Team Server" area.  I only want one of the projects to be synchronized and I can not figure out how to remove the other project. 

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.


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Matthew Alexander (18126) | answered Jan 19 '13, 11:29 a.m.
Hi Terry,

In your ..\ClearQuestSynchronizer\gateway, you should see a file.  In that file, you should see a line that starts with cq.queryTreeRoot=, for example, cq.queryTreeRoot=Public Queries/cqsynchronizer.

If you go to this query folder in ClearQuest, you should that it contains a folder for each of the project areas you are synchronizing.  Remove the folder for the project area you no longer want to synchronize.  This should tell the gateway not to synchronize with that project area.

Let me know if that doesn't help or if you see any synchronization problems after making this change.


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