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Error with widgets in RTC

Anthony Paul (7021821) | asked Jan 08 '13, 9:08 a.m.
edited Jan 08 '13, 9:09 a.m.

I have the CLM Products (v4.0) installed on a Websphere server, served by DB2 databases. Both RQM and RRC work fine and the widgets on the dashboards load correctly for these products. 

However in RTC, all RTC projects have a problem loading the widgets. On the dashboards I get the following error:

An error occurred while loading the widget. 
Error: Unable to load https://testserver:9443/ccm/viewlet/ status:500
Error 500: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/team/dashboard/internal/web/ViewletDefinition 

If I try add a new widget I get the following error:

Failed to add widget: Unable to load https://testserver:9443/ccm/viewlet/ status:500

Can anyone shed any light on why I am hitting this issue. Any idea what I can do to fix this problem?

Anthony Paul commented Jan 14 '13, 6:04 a.m.

Hi does anyone have an answer to this please.  

Ralph Schoon commented Jan 14 '13, 7:28 a.m.

Have you checked the diagnostics on the JTS and on CCM? I would also suggest to look into the WAS logs to get more details, I am not sure what happens here, but a 500 is quite serious.

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Mike Pawlowski (6861) | answered Jan 15 '13, 2:29 p.m.
Hi Anthony,

Ralph is correct.
Please go to the respective Admin Web UIs for the JTS & CCM servers and check to see if there are any server configuration errors. The error you received seems to indicate that the Dashboards component was not installed properly in your CCM server.

Please open a work item against the "Jazz Foundation" project and file it against "Web UI\Dashboards" with all of the pertinent details:
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Anthony Paul commented Jan 16 '13, 12:52 p.m.


I have run the diagnostics on both the JTS server and the CCM server and it shows no errors.
Which log files should I have a look at and what am I looking for in them?

Is there anything else I could try. 

Ralph Schoon commented Jan 16 '13, 1:34 p.m.

Please search the WebSphere profile for .log files. It should be easy enough to locate them. There are logs related to the applications named ccm.log, jts.log etc. and there are WAS log files as well. It is worth looking at all of them.

You should also look into the troubleshooting appendix of . If the deployment failed you could redeploy CCM - and delete the caches. Not sure if that would help. Only the logs might give more directions. You might want to open a PMR.

Ralph Schoon commented Jan 17 '13, 1:58 a.m.

Anthony Paul commented Jan 21 '13, 10:08 a.m.

 Hey I just checked the WAS server and we are running version

I have now got access to the WAS logs so will have a look and see what I can find. 

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Anthony Paul (7021821) | answered Mar 27 '13, 10:06 a.m.

I was trying to fix this error:

And I ran the command:

repotools-jts -reindex

To see if it fixed that issue. It didn't BUT it did fix this one :)

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