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The properties of a file/folder have been automatically changed with RTC or jazz.executable file property is not working as expected

Ankit Gupta (1122) | asked Jan 07 '13, 2:04 a.m.
The properties of a file/folder have been changed automatically..which I don't want...for example If I deliver the code from windows to repository and then try to load the code from repository to AIX then file property is changing automatically and hence all my project code goes to unresolved state...  which I don't want,could you please help me on the same.please refer the below :

Property on my Windows machine:
 jazz.encoding       - UTF-8
  jazz.executable     - false
  jazz.line-delimiter - Platform
  jazz.mime           - text/plain

Property on my AIX machine: property list build.xml
  jazz.encoding       - UTF-8
  jazz.executable     - true
  jazz.line-delimiter - Platform
  jazz.mime           - text/plain    - Public


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