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Is it possible to work with the RTC source control system without having to create a remote workspace?

Ashok Pon Kumar (1633) | asked Dec 24 '12, 5:32 a.m.
We are trying to write some scripts using the rtc command line to access the source control system. The process of having to create a remote workspace complicates the process a bit for the users. So we are exploring at the possibility of directly checking out the code(like git) in rtc.

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Arne Bister (2.6k12832) | answered Dec 24 '12, 7:08 a.m.

the SCM architecture of Jazz revolves around the combination of server centric repository with client-side workspaces. All the benefits of being able to suspend, discard, deliver and accept change sets easily can only be achieved by having workspaces which have a server-side representation. The additional benefit is that preconditions or process operations can be installed centrally and affect every client immediately.
Unlike git, in RTC you do not need to load ("check out") the whole repository to each client, just the versions selected by the respective workspace and the content selected by the load rules. So depending on point of view this is actually much *less* complicated: create workspace, load only what you need to work with, modify, checkin+deliver (one motion).

Since you do not necessarily have to create a new workspace for every task, you can simply reuse a workspace for several other tasks once it has been created.

You will find concise information about this in the Jazz SCM FAQ and the article on loading content.
There is also a good article on using SCM commandline for scripting.

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- Arne

Ashok Pon Kumar commented Dec 24 '12, 7:42 a.m.

Thanks Arne for the explanation.

"Since you do not necessarily have to create a new workspace for every task, you can simply reuse a workspace for several other tasks once it has been created."
      So can we load the same remote RTC workspace in many local workspaces and use them all in parallel?

David Olsen commented Dec 24 '12, 11:37 a.m.

It is possible to load the same repository workspace into several different local workspaces at the same item.  But doing so is not recommended, and I would suggest not doing that.  It is best if a repository workspace is used in only one place at a time.  Arne's suggestion of reusing a repository workspace meant using at a later time, once its original task is complete.  Also, it is not practical to share a single repository workspace between different users.  Only the owner of a repository workspace is allowed to make changes to the workspace.  Other users can see the contents (if permissions allow) but not make changes.

Ashok Pon Kumar commented Dec 25 '12, 8:26 a.m.

Thanks David.

I did not really want to share the same remote workspace between multiple users, rather I was looking at a usecase, where a particular user in a particular machine can use the same remote workspace regardless of how many local workspace he creates. What we are trying to accomplish by doing this is that, when our command line wrapper tools are executed, it can essentially hide the remote workspace that are being created, and also can do an auto clean up.

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