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Adding a link to a work item from a lightweight Work Item Creation Dialog

Yuval Zaltz (1134) | asked Dec 12 '12, 7:42 a.m.

Working on RTC 4.0

I'm trying to add a link between a work Item I create througt the Lightweight Work Item Dialog and an Artifact (e.g. a ClearQuest Defect).

I have customised the and added the Links Presentation.

When I activate the Lightweight Dialog in the Eclipse client  (Through the CC-RTC Bridge). and click "Add Related Change request" Nothing happens

(to debug I've replaced  with the - and was unable to get any link related dialog when clicking the Add button)

I assume that the Lightweight Dialog blocks creation of sub dialogs, but I didn't find any documentation about it.
Is it passable to customize the the lightweight Work Item Creation dialog behavore so it can enable adding Links to Artifacts (and other Items) ?

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Diego Quintana (111) | answered Apr 10 '13, 4:38 p.m.
hi, I have a question...??
I want to create a report in RTC with Birt report, but i have to see in the report the links and the change set (, generate me Birt the parents and children and all information but i don't have this sección... please help me 

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Jan Wloka (4161) | answered Dec 20 '12, 10:52 a.m.
Hello Yuval, 

it is possible to customize the lightweight creation dialog. The only important thing to know is that you can neither add more sections to it nor move the existing section to a different slot. Just leave the "Lightweight Creator" section untouched and add new or modify the contained presentations. 

If you add a "Links" presentation to it you'll be able to see the presentation in the dialog but it currently fails to add new links. This is a known defect in RTC and will be fixed in the next iteration. We're tracking the effort in Links not working properly in lightweight work item creation dialog (240130).


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