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Error Linking Requirements For A Project

James Paulus (20622135) | asked Dec 10 '12, 11:51 a.m.
edited Dec 10 '12, 11:52 a.m.
Using RQM for one of our projects I'm getting the following error when clicking on the "Add New Requirement Link" from the Test Case section of RQM: "The following problems occurred during the initialization process: No commands to run (More info found at entry [be612d01514e9333] in RRS server log) Forbidden 403".   When I log into the server I'm seeing the following error in the RM log:

http-9443-Processor8316] ERROR  - Server Error: Entry [be612d01514e9333] No commands to run

When I go into the requirements portion of the project I get the following:

ID CRRRW7553E  A message that was received from the server indicates an error with no specific handler.
Unable to load https://<server name>/rm/views?execute=true&fullObject=false&size=20&count=true&page=1 status:500
([object Object])@https://<server name>/rm/web/_js/?include=A~&etag=FsWHl6zN0_en_US:17 ()@https://<server name>/rm/web/_js/?include=A~&etag=FsWHl6zN0_en_US:17 (51)@https://<server name/rm/web/_js/?include=A~&etag=FsWHl6zN0_en_US:17

URL: https://<server name>/rm/views?execute=true&fullObject=false&size=20&count=true&page=1

Error 500: Internal Server Error

java.lang.RuntimeException: No commands to run (More info found at entry [85fab554182acc4e] in RRS server log)

Has anyone ever seen this before and know how to fix it?   Other projects are working fine.   

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VIJAY SUNDARESHWARAN (25247) | answered Dec 10 '12, 1:01 p.m.
Are you trying to access the requirements of your project from RQM? In that case, just to make sure, do you have this configuration in place?

When Quality Management requirements reference resources in Requirements management, the following configuration is required:
  1. The Quality Management project area in Rational Quality Manager must have a "uses and requirements" association to a Requirements Management project area in Rational Requirement Composer. Multiple Quality Management project areas can be associated with a single Requirements Management project area.
  2. Set the following Requirement ( ) advanced server configuration properties (see Configuring advanced properties):
    • Requirements Composer User Name
    • Requirements Composer User Password

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