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RRC and out of the box reports

AOC Admin (13631917) | asked Nov 20 '12, 12:25 p.m.

I have an instance of RRC v. I haven't set up any dw on that instance yet as i was playing with RRDI on the version to see if it brings me the reports I need.

My users have been trying to use the Out of The Box reports provided with RRC.

Here are some of the issues:
1) User creates a view with just one requirement:
Creates the "Requirement Specification" report for that requirement that includes the attributes.
He observed that every time he runs the same report on the same requirement, the attributes are listed in different order and that sometimes the attribute values are repeated twice on the same row.

2) Is it possible to format the out of the box reports?

3) Is it possible to change the order of things in the "Use Case Diagram" report? It is listing the pre-conditions after post conditions and input several attributes below the output. The actors are also listed as the end to beginning instead of beginning to end.

4) RRDI may be the way we go for custom reports. Is it possible to have RRDI print the diagrams from the Use Case Diagrams? I have only been able to figure out how to list the requirement attributes in tables. Is there a way to list them one below the other as paragraphs?

Thank you so much!!

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Robin Bater (3.4k47) | answered Nov 21 '12, 10:05 a.m.
edited Nov 21 '12, 10:06 a.m.
The RRC OOTB reports are using RRDG for the publishing to MS Word, PDF, etc. There is some minor formatting that can be made to the word template on the server but if you want more customization then the report needs to be edited using Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) and uploading it to the server.

It is recommended to have a couple of licenses of RPE when performing the customization, one for editing and one for testing. Once the new custom report has been uploaded to the server no extra license is needed to run the report and publish the results.

These help topics will provide more information

Now if you want trending and history data then an RRDI report will need to created. RRDG does not use the data warehouse but gets the information direct from repository.

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