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RQM import function from xml file

Peter Storey (1137) | asked Nov 15 '12, 8:49 a.m.

Hi all,

I am trying to import a test script and test case into RQM from the xml file generated through excel. The code I am using is below which correctly creates the test case.xml and test script.xml

My question is how is the link automatically created in RQM? I can import both the test case (Construction -> Import Test Case) and test script (Construction -> Import Test Script), but when I check, there is no mapping between the two?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.





Jerry Shengulette commented Nov 15 '12, 9:53 a.m.

Is this XML generated directly with Excel (Save as...) or with the Microsoft Excel and Word to Rational Quality Manager Import Utility?

Ara Masrof commented Nov 15 '12, 10:20 a.m.


The CFG file looks like its based on one of the samples provided by the Excel import tool ("Scripts that create testcases.cfg"); have you tried exporting directly into RQM rather than to file? If so, were the links present?


Peter Storey commented Nov 15 '12, 10:44 a.m.

Hi thanks for the responses,

The XML is created using the .cfg file and the import add in in excel.

I've only tried so far to import the files via the import options within RQM. Is it the correct process to first do this through Construction -> Import Test Case and then Construction -> Import Test Script?

(And yes - I am trying to write a cfg from scratch using the sample files :-)  )

Ara Masrof commented Nov 15 '12, 11:22 a.m.

 Using the samples provided by the tool as the basis for your specific needs is always a good approach; it will provide a sound baseline from which you can build from.

In general, I use the ‘Export to file’ option for troubling shooting purposes (i.e. to verify the cfg file and the associated data file are syntactically in synch); once this is done, I will export directly into a project (Export to Repository rather than Export to file).
Additionally, I also have ‘test’ project I use to evaluate my artifacts; although, this is a extra step it gives me the flexibility to ‘experiment’ without interfering with production data

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Hao Wan (1.5k35) | answered Nov 15 '12, 9:25 p.m.
if you want export the test artifacts from Excel to RQM, you can use Export to repository directly.
and if you want to export manually from the RQM UI, you need to upload the referenced artifacts first, else the link will miss.
i.e. in you case you create test case and test script
testcase xml is :
<title> case1 </title>
<testscript href="../testscript/testscript1" />

and testscript xml is

we need to upload the testscript first then testcase as testcase have a reference to testscript.
if you upload testcase first
the testcase xml will become.
<title> case1 </title>
---> <testscript href="../testscript/testscript1" /> will be lost.

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