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regarding the integration of RRC with Ration Insight 1.1.1

Asim Ali (3366) | asked Nov 05 '12, 2:41 a.m.

This is regarding the integration of RRC with Ration Insight 1.1.1. If we say Install Rational solution for CLM its all the configuration stuff if yes. We already having remote RRC server and RI 1.1.1 report server and dev tools.

If you can guide us or share some docs for configuration and install that will be of great help. I found so many links for install and configuration so got confused with it.

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Michael Fox (61643) | answered Nov 05 '12, 8:25 a.m.

While not specifically addressing RRC, there are 4 videos that you might find helpful.  The first 3 show a complete RRDI installation and configuration process using RRDI 2.0.  This RRDI release is the base for Insight 1.1.1.
RRDI 2.0 Install Part 1:

RRDI 2.0 Install Part 2:

RRDI 2.0 Install Part 3:

The fourth video focuses on installing Insight 1.1.1, but it only addresses the Insight portions and not the complete process. The parts it skips over are covered in the 3 video RRDI set.

Hopefully you'll find these useful.

Mike Fox

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Kelly Raposo (463) | answered Nov 05 '12, 5:15 p.m.
 Hi Asim,
You can find some documentation in the Insight 1.1.1 Information Center on the integration with CLM and RRC:

  • CLM:
  • RRC:
Kelly Raposo

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