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How to Create TER's for TC with 3 parameters in RQM

Rao Shines (15945162) | asked Nov 01 '12, 2:49 p.m.

I have 10 Test Cases which needs to be run in Multiple Schedules(mile stones) and Environments and against different Countries. I defined my Milestones as Sprint 1 and Sprint 2 in test Plan and Environments as QA, Stage and Production. I created  TER Categories to identify Countries against which I run.

When I generate TER's for 1 country I can create but when I want to create TER's for other country it gives me error saying already exists and duplicate cannot be created.

Can you please suggest me the best way on how to geneate TERs from TCs for Sprint 1, QA environment for 3 different  countries,

Thanks in Advance

10 Test Cases

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Pramod Chandoria (2.1k11220) | answered Nov 02 '12, 1:52 a.m.
Two ways to solve this problem
1. Include Country as part of the Test Environment. You can customize Lab Management property to define new type Country
Goto Manage Project Properties -> Lab Resource Properties when you are logged in as administrator role
Define the new Country Type and it's child value name of the country.
Save it
Now goto Manage Project Properties -> Test Plan Environment Types
Select the new type Country created
On the toolbar there is an icon for action "Set Type". Click that and press ok.
Click on Save button again
Log out and log in
Now you should be able to see County as attribute like OS, Database, Browser type for generating the Test Environment Now you will create two Test Environment with difference of Country but other type same to be able to create Two TER for two different country.

> The other option is to use the same TER by multiple country. Define a multivalue category Country. Select value of of Country where this TER should be executted (multi value selection for category Country). In this case you will not be able to keep more then one owner

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