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Is there a way to show change sets that are 'delivered" to a stream?

Michael Whitner (5611010) | asked Oct 24 '12, 9:18 a.m.
retagged Oct 24 '12, 4:08 p.m. by Alex Fitzpatrick (5583816)
I only want to see change sets that have been delivered to a stream.  Either in eclipse or from the web client.

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Alex Fitzpatrick (5583816) | answered Oct 24 '12, 4:07 p.m.
I don't think this can be done for a whole stream at a time, but you can retrieve change-set history for a component or any individual file in a stream in Eclipse/RTC.

In the Team Artifacts View if you expand a stream you can see all the components. Right-click on a component and select Show > History (CTRL-SHIFT-F10)

Another way to do this is to select a stream and use Show > Repository Files. This will open a Repository Files view that displays a hierarchy of components > projects > folders > files. The context menu in this tree for component and file entries (but not projects or folders) has either a Show > History or a Show History menu item with the CTRL-SHIFT-F10 hot-key.

I use both approaches, the first is useful when you're trying to figure out what's recently changed in a stream or component. The second is useful when you're interested in the history of specific files in unloaded streams. 

The obvious problem with this is that when you have dozens of components you have to step through them all.
David Lafreniere selected this answer as the correct answer

David Lafreniere commented Jun 09 '14, 11:27 a.m.

This answer is correct (and so is the other solution Robert posted about using Locate Change Sets to tell 'if' change sets are in (or delivered to) a given stream).

I'd like to mention we delivered some functionality in Story 304215 (See that touches on this use case. This story will provide "Added By" and "Date Added" columns to the History view in Eclipse and Visual Studio, as well as the corresponding CLI commands. This will let you see exactly when a change set was added to a stream and by who. To view the history, select a component under the stream you are interested in and invoke the "Show" --> "History" context menu action.

This Story has been completed for RTC 5.0.1 Sprint 1. See the following wiki for UI screenshots of this feature:

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Robert Carter (42928789) | answered Sep 25 '13, 9:23 a.m.
We have done this by using a combination of a Work Item Query and Locate Change Set... feature in the eclipse UI.

1. First create a query that list all the work items that have change sets.
2. In the query results select all the work items and right-click.  Then choose, Locate Change Set.
3. In the editor view that appears choose the stream where you want to see if the change sets exists.
4. Click on the Results Detail button.  You will have two folders, "Change Sets Included" and "Change Sets Not Included".

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