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Adding a 'Discussion Section' to Custom Tab

Murthy Rallapalli (6111) | asked Oct 09 '08, 5:05 p.m.
I have a custom TAB, in which I like to add the Description and Discussion sections.
The description section works fine on the web, however, the discussion section does not store the discussion content for some reason. It works well on the Eclipse client. As soon as I save the work item on the Web it refreshes and brings the section back to 'no comments'.

Any thoughts?

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Marsha Knudsen (2132) | answered Oct 15 '08, 1:46 p.m.
I thought I would share how we resolved this one.

This problem appeared to be caused by creating the custom tab using the builtInCustomAttributesLayout, and adding the discussion section presented in the "left" slot. Curiously, the discussion worked on the Eclipse client, but not on the Web client, as Murthy mentioned.

When we experimented by creating a tab using the builtInOverviewLayout and placing the discussion section in the "discussion" slot - it worked on both the Eclipse and Web client.

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