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How to provide QA team access/ability to formally review Test Execution Records in RQM as final delivearbles.

Kyle Dodge (5268) | asked Aug 30 '12, 10:20 p.m.
retagged May 25 '13, 4:36 p.m. by Scott Rich (57136)

I have been working with RQM v3.0.1 as a proof of concept for test management.  Our project is divided into multiple teams, but my question strictly deals with how one should plan for users that review Test Execution Records (TER) as test evidence/completion.  Basically, once we run our tests in RQM, how would a QA team normally be able to review those TERs and provide approval or rejection if necessary?  I know there is a "review process" for TERs, but I have been looking for something that provides a good overview of how a test release/cases are finalized by a QA team.  Another way to look at this is - as a tester if I pass a test, how is it finalized and ensured for quality?  Any insight or direction would be greatly appreciated!

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Pramod Chandoria (2.1k11220) | answered Aug 31 '12, 11:20 a.m.
Hi Kyle
As of todat, there is no approval for TER but Testcase. TERs are really result of planning of what will be executed in an iteration. It is good idea to have a execution planning approval but this is something now available today

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