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zimport errors messages

JAMES KENNELLY (3189) | asked Aug 24 '12, 12:22 p.m.
retagged Aug 26 '12, 7:38 p.m. by John Riendeau (46626)
Running zimport for the first time and am receiving these error messages:L

 BROWSE    /tmp/K351156.09:17:44.05.stderr.ispfudl    Line 00000000 Col 001 080
 Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR 
********************************* Top of Data **********************************
scm: scm 1: FSUM7726 cannot fork: reason code = 0b250012: EDC5112I Resource temp
--projectarea: scm 2: FSUM7351 not found                                       
-r: scm 3: FSUM7351 not found                                                  
--projectarea: scm 2: FSUM7351 not found                                       
-r: scm 3: FSUM7351 not found                                                  

********************** SCM command executed using ">"  ******************
>        scm         

SCM contents:

EDIT       /u/K351156/scm                                  Columns 00001 00072
Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR 
****** ***************************** Top of Data ******************************
000001 scm zimport --hlq ADB --mapfile /u/K351156/zimport                     
000002             --projectarea jfksvl -s ADB                                
000003             -r -u jfksvl -P xxxxxxx

********************* zimport model ************************

EDIT       /u/K351156/zimport                              Columns 00001 00072
Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR
****** ***************************** Top of Data *****************************
000001 # Member to zComponent project mappings                               
000002 # Specify the zComponent project and, optionally, the zFolder that will
000003 # contain the imported members.                                       
000004 #                                                                     
000005 # Format:                                                             
000006 # P:<member>=<zComponent project>[:<zFolder>]                         
000007 P:V72APAR.PLI(*)=jfksvl                                               
000008 # zComponent project to Jazz Component mappings                       
000009 # Specify the Jazz Component that each zComponent project will be share
000010 to.                                                                   
000011 #                                                                     
000012 # Format:                                                             
000013 # C:<zComponent project>=<Jazz Component>                             
000014 C:ADB=ADB 720                                                         
000015 # Member to Language Definition mappings                              
000016 # Optionally specify the Language Definition to associate with imported
000017 members.                                                              
000018 #                                                                     
000019 # Format:                                                             
000020 # L:<member>=<Language Definition name>                               
000021 L:*.*.PLI=PLI:pli                                                     

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Guy Slade (64158) | answered Aug 26 '12, 6:47 p.m.
 Hi James
Our money is on a configuration problem with your system. What does the command 'scm help' give you? The same results?

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John Riendeau (46626) | answered Aug 26 '12, 7:35 p.m.
Whatever else may be going on, your 'scm' script has some problems.  It looks like the "--projectarea" and "-r" parameters are each on new lines.  You can see that this is causing the shell to interpret this as three separate commands, rather than one command with multiple parameters (hence the lines like "--projectarea: scm 2: FSUM7351 not found").  As a start, I would change your script so that there are no newlines between the various parameters to 'scm zimport'.

Additionally, I find it odd that your script is named 'scm', while the RTC CLI script is also named 'scm', but your scm script doesn't specify the full path to the RTC CLI scm script.  Are you sure your script isn't recursively calling itself?  I suspect it might be:  when I created a script named 'test', and its only contents were a line reading:

...and ran it, I eventually got exactly the same error you're getting:
test: test 1: FSUM7726 cannot fork: reason code = 094500f7: EDC5112I Resource temporarily unavailable.

Try changing the name of your script to something like 'my-scm' and specify the full path to RTC's scm script in it.

 - John

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