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best way to deliver initial set of files

HIMA BINDU MAKAM (1677) | asked Aug 23 '12, 8:12 a.m.
I do have a need to promote almost 100,000 files to a stream in RTC source code control into one component. I am looking for best ways to do this. I observed that the workspace to show unresolved changes only takes very long time and then check-in and deliver failed after processing very long.

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Ralph Schoon (63.2k33646) | answered Aug 23 '12, 8:28 a.m.
Hi, are you aware of

Source Control: We recommend 50K files and folders in a single component and if you have more files to split them into multiple components. We encourage individual users to keep less than 300 change sets suspended. While there is no limitation, there is a tendency for a large suspended set to slow down operations involving the suspended set (suspend, resume, and discard) as well as add some additional cost when refreshing or changing collaborations. We have tested the user experience of working with a large number of components in workspaces and streams. There are no known issues with having hundreds of components in a stream or workspace, and we have tested the user experience with 500 components in collaboration.

So I would expect it to be slow. Are you trying to share the first time or are you delivering?

HIMA BINDU MAKAM commented Aug 23 '12, 12:39 p.m.

Actually I have refreshed my workspace to get unresolved local changes, then tried checkin and deliver. The refresh itself took very long time, then checkin and deliver failed

Ralph Schoon commented Aug 23 '12, 12:53 p.m. | edited Aug 23 '12, 12:53 p.m.

I would suggest to check in first, potentially several time if errors happen and then deliver later. It might be a good idea to split checkin into several change sets.

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DJ Houghton (2663) | answered Aug 23 '12, 9:49 a.m.
How is the share failing? OutOfMemory? Timeout?

If you have having OOM errors it may be worth adjusting the client memory settings. This can be done by editing the eclipse.ini file which is a sibling of your executable. I have set -Xmx1024m in my client and successfully shared 85,000 files at a time.

For timeout problems (usually when the files are large) you may wish to adjust your repository timeout value (in the repository's properties dialog in the Team Artifacts view) to be something larger. (I use 3600 instead of the default 480)

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