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E-mail notifications by Status (RTC 3.0.1)

Cesar Sasaki (511289129) | asked Aug 17 '12, 12:42 p.m.
I installed the RTC 3.0.1 and configure the e-mail notifications, but some users are complaining that there are getting to much e -mails from the rtc.
It is possible that for example only when the workitem gets to a state the e-mail activate to certain person(or role)?

For example :
WorkItem Type : Task
Workflow :  New->Assigned->Work in Progress-> Resolved->Closed
For role = developer : Activate notifications only when the Task reach Assigned
For role = Team lead : Activate notification when Resolved.
For role = Manager : Activate notification when Closed

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Kim Peter (11) | answered Aug 17 '12, 1:54 p.m.
Hi Cesar,

This may not get specifically to your example of by type, workflow and role, but it should help you control your mail notifications.

You can set these in your user preferences as follows:
  • Go to upper right corner of banner where it is says your user name
  • Select "View My Profile and Licenses"
  • Within the editor, choose the "Mail Configuration" tab on the left and make the selections that suit your preferences

Note that this is set for the project, and done by the user.

See images within: Quick UI Guide for setting mail notifications.

Cesar Sasaki commented Aug 20 '12, 1:07 p.m.

HI Peter Sure I can set up the preferences in the editor but that is now what I'm looking for because there are like standart preferences. It should be good that I (as a ProjectAdmin) create new preferences to users to select.

David Rennie commented Apr 10 '13, 8:49 p.m.

It is worth noting on the quick guide that this option is only  available within an application. If you  attempt it from a personal dashboard the mail configuration tab is not available.

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sam detweiler (12.5k6195201) | answered Aug 17 '12, 6:20 p.m.
no, currently RTC doesn't provide the level of control you seek

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May Wong (3712) | answered Aug 20 '12, 12:53 p.m.
The RTC email notification model is "pull" - user decides what they like to get notified, however the model you asked here seems to me like a "push" approach - the system decides what to send to user. The "pull" approach is supposed to be favored by users, but RTC could give users wrong perception at first place with its overwhelming default settings.

If we add assistance up-front, for example, include a note about how to configure the email notification in the Invitation, do you think that will be helpful?

Cesar Sasaki commented Aug 20 '12, 1:13 p.m.

Hi May Maybe I'm trying to impose notifications to users. But there is not to much to decide of what I would like to get notified. For example there is

-WorkItem was closed -Other Change state

I would like to be more specific in the "Other Change State". For example that I could select "Notify me when change to "XXXX" state." That would be very helpfull. Because I'm having customers that they would like to receive a notifications when they have to participate in certain state. ( Maybe mention that person in the comments could be a way)

What do you mean by "configure the email notification in the invitation"?. Of how to select the preferences in the Profile view?

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May Wong (3712) | answered Aug 20 '12, 2:03 p.m.
Hi Cesar,

Thanks for the feedback. The current RTC mail configuration should fulfill couple of your requirements. 
  1. How to select the preference in the Profile view.
    • For RTC web client, refer to the answer from Kim Peter.
    • For RTC eclipse client, in the Team Artifacts View, right click on your repository link, or project node, or your team area node, and select "Open My User Editor". After this view is open, click on the "Mail Configuration" tab on the bottom of the editor, you should see the default settings for all email notification you will receive.
  2. How to mention somebody in a comment and get that person notified.
    • First, you should keep the default setting "Message @Me" checked on the Mail Configuration panel.
    • Secondly, if you use RTC eclipse client, when you add a comment, type @ followed by somebody's id. For example, if your user id is "cesar", i would type "Hi @cesar, we have closed this work item because the feature has been delivered ." If you use RTC web client, you can use the "Insert User Link" on the work item editor to locate and add somebody whom you want to mention and notify in your comment. If another person made selections on couple of work item state changes in the default notification setting, then even you don't initiate a notification in your comment to him, he should be notified.
  3. How to define notifications for specific state change or work item change. Please take a look at the "Mail Configuration" setting.
    • Do you think RTC mail configuration has covered most email notification use cases?
    • What other setting you would like to see there?And why?
I'd like to know do you think if we provide some guidance or a pointer to help you use the mail notification in the team/project invitation, it will ease your understanding and use of the mail configuration? Thanks!

Cesar Sasaki commented Aug 20 '12, 3:32 p.m.


I know how to do the 1. and 2. points but I dot know how to define notifications for specific state change (point number 3). How can i do that?

I would like some help for this.


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May Wong (3712) | answered Aug 21 '12, 11:13 a.m.
Hi Cesar, you haven't answered my questions. If this isn't a common use case, i guess you can just use comment to send notification to another person. Cheers

Cesar Sasaki commented Aug 21 '12, 12:50 p.m.

Yes this is a common use case. Because customers what to get notifications each time they need to participate (changing from a status to another). I would like a setting in "mail configuration" like :

-Notify me when workitem type "aaa" gets to "xxx" status

May Wong commented Aug 22 '12, 12:23 a.m. | edited Aug 23 '12, 3:45 p.m.

Hi Cesar,

RTC mail configuration has provided notification settings for couple of state change, for example, "Work item was closed", "Work item was created or reopened" and "Other state change". I have couple of questions trying to explore the meaning of providing more granular notification configuration on work item state change. Perhaps you can answer them for me? 1. A work item states can be defined by a project, different type of work item can have different name for each state. We know there must be states of "closed", "reopened" or "created", but can we foresee what other states a project will define for its work items? 2. If you want your customer being notified with certain state change, do you think it's you who're doing that configuration or it's your customer? 3. In order to configure an email notification for certain state change, do you think that your customer needs to know what states you have defined for your work items? 4. As a result, do you still want your customer to configure this type of email notification, or just mention their names in your comment to notify them about the the state change of the work item?

Hope this helps.

May Wong commented Aug 23 '12, 3:47 p.m. | edited Aug 23 '12, 4:13 p.m.

Hi Cesar, have you answered those four questions? Do you still require a granular support for work item state change notification?

Ankit Jain commented Aug 14 '13, 12:30 p.m. | edited Aug 14 '13, 12:55 p.m.

Is there any way, i can regulate, what email notifications others should receive and what they should not. If it is possible, what access on active directory, what role, what permission, what license would be required? I feel, logically this is wrong and system will not and must not allow anyone to do so. Why i think so is, if i am the person, who would regulate, what email notifications others would receive and what they do not, i can anytime misuse my rights, and keep the people of my choice, unaware of, what i do with RTC work items. However, I just wanted to know the opinions of others, if this is possible, to decide what email notifications someone should receive, and what the do not.  I also wanted to ask, is this possible, that, any one, who is able to view a particular work-item, or lets say any RTC Record, can subscribe for the email notifications, associated with, the various stages, that record goes through. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Cesar Sasaki (511289129) | answered Aug 23 '12, 6:59 p.m.
Hi May
Well :
1.- Definitely you would not be able to know how many state changes anyone can create for each specific workitems.
2.- Customers frequently ask : " I wanna be notify by mail when the status reach "Needs for approval" or something like that. (Maybe I can use the approval function). And I'm supposed to be the one configuring this.
3.- Yes i think they should know what states I have defined. Many times they are the ones that define the workflow process.
4.- It should be great to get emailnotifications by state but I'm assumming that is very hard, and a notify in the comment or a approval function could work to. 

May Wong commented Aug 24 '12, 9:47 a.m.

Thanks, Cesar! Your answers help us evaluate whether it's worth investing in supporting such a use case. It looks like you're fine with the current support in the tool, and it should help you get by.

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Donat Hutter (2153539) | answered Oct 09 '12, 2:39 a.m.
One idea/wish I have: it would be great to have an option to get a consolidated email in certain periods (e.g. every half day) instead of an email for each event.
For me it is more convenient/efficient to check one email every few hours instead of going through all the single mails.

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