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How to create new folder in the 4.0 Web UI for Plans?

Peter Haumer (2.2k12019) | asked Aug 14 '12, 10:17 a.m.
After years of using the rich client only, I am using the Web client for Plans in RTC for the first time. I cannot find out how to create folders in my plan. I searched for Folder in the online help and could not find anything.

- I created a new Cross Project Plan
- I created a new view that groups by Folder
- Now I am stuck. I see the two default folders (Top-Level,  Defects), but do not see menu points to rename or create folders.

Any help appreciated.
Thanks and best regards,

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Guido Schneider (3.4k1486115) | answered Oct 06 '12, 11:25 a.m.

This function I'm missing too. I never saw it in Web since I started with Jazz on V.3.0.

There is just grouping available in plan view configuration based on folders. But the folders itself must be created with the Eclipse client, as much as I know.

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