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Is it possible to change the default value of "Items Per Page"?

John Smith (3858) | asked Jul 20 '12, 2:23 a.m.


When a query returns more than 50 work items in RTC Web UI, "Items Per Page" is set to 50.

I would like to change the default value of "Items Per Page" from 50 to 100. 

Is it possible?

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John S F Lander (901839) | answered Nov 09 '12, 5:12 a.m.
edited Nov 09 '12, 5:13 a.m.

Hi John,

Did you create an enhancement request for this, please advise so that I can become a subscriber 



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Millard Ellingsworth (2.5k12431) | answered Jul 23 '12, 8:32 p.m.
I could not find a way to change the default setting. There is an advanced property setting for Maximum Query Result Set Size, but not for default page size. 

John Smith commented Jul 24 '12, 4:27 a.m. | edited Jul 24 '12, 10:19 a.m.

Hi Millard,

Thank you very much for the answer.  I will create an enhancement request.


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