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How to verify status of Test Case is changed to Suspect for change of requirement?

Bharat Patel (81123943) | asked Jul 19 '12, 2:57 p.m.
edited Jul 19 '12, 9:39 p.m. by Seth Packham (1.4k42213)

In RQM 4.0, where i can find option to see test cases are suspected due to change in Requirement.

I know there is option of "Reconcile Requirement" in "Requirement link" section of Test case, where we can  update the status of test case i.e. it is suspect or non suspect. Bu this option is not feasible for business.

If i modify any requirement in DOORS and if that requirement is linked with mutiple test case (s) in RQM 4.0 is there any way to find out (other than above mentioned) that which test cases are suspected due to change in Requirement ? Please let me know.

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Zhou Xing (41123) | answered Jul 22 '12, 11:22 p.m.
Hi Bharat

    There should be a message on the head of a test case editor page showing that "This test case is suspect" if this test case is in suspect status. Besides, there is also a "Change Status" action on right-top action list of the test case editor page which permits user to change the suspect status of a test case.
     When reconcile requirements in the "Requirement Links" section, if there are any changed requirements since last time reconciliation, the reconciliation result page will show the changed requirements in tables. If user selects "Mark Suspect" action for the changed requirements (this action is on the right-top of the requirements table), all the test cases in this project area that are associated with the change requirements will be marked as suspect. Further more, if user also checks the "Create Quality Task" check box under the requirements table, RQM will lead user to create Quality Task in remote CCM container to trace the relevant test case changes due to the changes made in the requirements.
     Hope this information is helpful to your questions

Leif Jansson commented May 14 '14, 1:52 p.m.

Hi does anyone know if you can get the "Suspect Status" by automatic i.e. you change a requirement and all its linked test cases get "Suspect" status (and not "you have options to mark the test case as suspect.") ?
If not have anyone create an enhancement for this (not know if RRC or RQM) ?

And if so, can anyone please give me a short description of how we can get this to work ? 

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