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Can I delete the Project Details viewlet in the dashboard?

Naveen Chandani (4812022) | asked Jul 04 '12, 4:06 a.m.
edited Jul 04 '12, 8:03 a.m. by Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035)

Can I delete the Project details viewlet in rtc (4.0) dashboard. If yes then how.

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Rhishikesh Patil (1311827) | answered Apr 10 '14, 6:16 a.m.
Yes it is blocked, requires JAZZ Admin permissions to use this option.

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Sarika Saxena (62) | answered Apr 09 '14, 10:31 a.m.
When I open the /ccm/admin, I am not able to see Themes in the left navigation, what am I missing? Is it blocked by my admin?

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Robby Elliott (311) | answered Nov 06 '12, 8:17 a.m.
I'm running into the same issue.  However having read the above 197081 work item.  I will be making some customized dashboards so I can use the functionality in some projects and remove it in others. Since it only shows up on the General tab, that should be an easy mod.

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Curtis d'Entremont (1.3k3) | answered Jul 04 '12, 3:27 p.m.
There's no built-in feature to remove it, because it's part of a larger future effort to provide a home page for a project. But if you really don't want to see it, you can follow the steps in 197081: [Project Details]: Project details section consumes a lot of dashboard real estate comment 15 to hide it from all dashboards.

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