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Custom complexity attribute not not seen as '{Complexity Attribute}' by BIRT

Matthias Buettgen (23612332) | asked Jun 06 '12, 6:57 a.m.

we've created a custom attribute Epic Points with the id which shall be used within an Epic as a kind of early planning points.
It is defined as a complexity attribute and therefore it deals with points.

Our idea was to use the BIRT report variable '{Complexity Attribute}' within a custom report to fetch those rows of the LIVE_WORKITEM_CNT table which contain points. Unfortunately that doesn't work. Therefore I'd like to know how a custom attribute needs to be designed to fit that requirement.


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James Moody (3.3k24) | answered Jun 18 '12, 9:41 a.m.
Hi Matthias,

Accessing complexity attributes should be possible using the variable you're referring to. However there is some knowledge needed at report design time: the type of the attribute. Complexity attributes could be (for example) strings or ints, and you need to pass "{Complexity Attribute}" into the STRING_KEY or INT_KEY as appropriate and then select whichever of STRING_VAL or INT_VAL you need.

Out of curiosity, if you pass in the attribute id directly (instead of {Complexity Attribute}) does it work?


Matthias Buettgen commented Jul 10 '12, 10:29 a.m.

Hi James,

I apologize for my late response related to your post but I forgot to mark the eMail notification flag to track my post.

Yes, passing the attribute id directly shows the affected work items. No idea why this happens. Maybe it's cuased by the reason that we also use the built-in Story Points attribute. But if I understand your post in a right way that should be the reason for our problem.

Regards Matthias

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