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CRJAZ1135I Failed to find the service

Bomin Nie (111) | asked Aug 10 '08, 10:48 a.m.
I'm following this guide to setup JazzTalkWithFacades

At step6, it tells me to rebuild the database. I simply used JazzTalk - Create Repository Database.launch again, but I got this exception CRJAZ1135I Failed to find the service "" with a matching filter "(databaseExists=true)".

Again, I deleted the repository that I created for JazzTalk(without Facades), and the junit runtime workspace. I still got the error.

Does anybody have any idea?

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Simon Archer (2761) | answered Aug 10 '08, 12:01 p.m.
The message:

CRJAZ1135I Failed to find the service
with a matching filter "(databaseExists=true)".

Means that as far as the Jazz Team Server is concerned, you do not have
a correctly functioning repository database. I would suggest using
repotools' -createTables command to create a new database. If you have
data to preserve (which sounds unlikely, use the -export command and
then the -import command).

Without a functioning repository database you're not going to be able to
get anything to work.

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