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How do I get a copy of all changed/new files in project?

David White (111) | asked Apr 02 '12, 6:55 a.m.
I work on large scale systems where our deployments are effectively patches. So when we deploy, we don't redeploy all 31,000+ files, we only deploy things that have changed.

So given this scenario:

I create Project X with a Stream called "Development" based on the most recent snapshot of our LIVE Projects "Live" stream.
We then have 2 months development on that code base where some existing files are changed and some new files are introduced.

What I want is a quick and easy way of getting all files that are new/changed out of RTC and onto a file share somewhere.

Any suggestions?

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Ralph Schoon (61.5k33643) | answered Apr 04 '12, 2:44 a.m.
You could try the SCM commandline. Some hints:

I would look into the compare command.

I am not sure how easy it is to extract the file information from that. I know that for the next release they are looking into returning JSON data too, to make this easier.

Once you get the list of files you could copy the files. You could try to do this in builds as well.

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