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The Bundle X is invalid

Carla Celiberti (9151) | asked Jul 31 '08, 11:13 a.m.
I did these steps:
- created plugin that extends datawarehouse
- moved the plugin in repotools folder
- changed confing.ini of repotools in configuration folder
- opened command line and wrote "repotools -createTables"

But the result is:
The bundle X with the id 45 is invalid, it is not RESOLVED.

someone have some idea?


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Carla Celiberti (9151) | answered Aug 05 '08, 6:17 a.m.
From the repotools console output, it looks like you are using a
non-1.0 version of RTC. Are you using 1.0 for both your development
environment and target environment? Mixing plugin from different
versions might lead to problems like you are seeing below if API was
changing between the versions.

I'm using m6a version for client and server, but now install RTC1 version for both.

I migrated to RTC1 and the problem persists... and when I opened my plugin project I found two errors which before there weren't

just resolve these errors, I try again repotools

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