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SCM versus API

eric nolmans (281712) | asked Nov 23 '11, 10:27 a.m.
using SCM I can use the compare subcommand to display the incoming changes between a snapshot and a stream;

scm compare snapshot "GENERATED FOR RE7 on 20110919-14:15" stream CICSRE7 -r https://localhost:9443/ccm -r Administrator -I wfs -D "EEE, d MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss Z"

but is it possible to do the same thing using the API, I suppose yes but how?


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Michael Valenta (3.7k3) | answered Dec 01 '11, 9:19 a.m.
It seems my previous post was not accurate. The code in the package is API.

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Michael Valenta (3.7k3) | answered Nov 29 '11, 8:49 a.m.
While the above code should do what you want, I think it is worth mentioning that it is not official API so you can not assume that it will work when used against future versions of RTC.

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Sterling Bates (2311612) | answered Nov 26 '11, 2:15 p.m.
Yup, there is, but it's certainly more involved. You can use the following to query for a snapshot:
IBaselineSetSearchCriteria query = IBaselineSetSearchCriteria.FACTORY.newInstance();


IWorkspaceManager client = ...
List<IBaselineSetHandle> results = client.findBaselineSets(query, Integer.MAX_VALUE, null);
if (results.size() > 0) {
IBaselineSet snapshot = (IBaselineSet)itemManager.fetchCompleteItem(
return snapshot;

Then use this code to get the current baseline for a component in the workspace:
IWorkspaceConnection conn = ...

IHistoricBaselineIterator history = conn.getBaselinesInHistory(componentHandle, 1, null);
if (history == null || history.getBaselines().size() == 0)
return null;
IBaseline baseline = (IBaseline)itemManager.fetchCompleteItem(history.getBaselines().get(0), IItemManager.DEFAULT, null);

Then this to generate a comparison report:
IWorkspaceManager mgr = ...

IBaselineConnection baselineConn = mgr.getBaselineConnection(baseline, null);
IChangeHistorySyncReport report = baselineConn.compareTo(otherBaselineHandle, null);

The IChangeHistorySyncReport class has all the methods to pull diff changesets. Getting a full changeset is very easy, and the class is uncomplicated:
IChangeSet cs = (IChangeSet)itemManager.fetchCompleteItem(handle, IItemManager.DEFAULT, null);

Hope this helps.

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Michael Valenta (3.7k3) | answered Nov 24 '11, 9:10 a.m.
I do not believe that there is API available to do this so the command line would be the way to go.

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