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list all files with local.codepage=cp1252

Angelo Corna (25948376) | asked Nov 22 '11, 6:29 p.m.
I've a RTC 3.0 environment and I need to generate a list of files with local.codepage User Properties setted to cp1252.
How can I obtain this information?
How can I search into the User Properties?

Thanks in advance.

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Angelo Corna (25948376) | answered Nov 24 '11, 10:02 a.m.
I've resolved using the scm command property list.

Here a perl script for a recursive search

use strict;
use File::Find;

my $scm_cmd="/opt/IBM/SDP/scmtools/eclipse/scm";
my $dir="/home/angelo/IBM/rationalsdp/workspace_prod/Hello_World_prj/";
my $url="https://clmweb:9443/ccm";
my $user="CLMADMIN";
my $pwd="xxxxxxxxx";
my $file_out="/home/angelo/get_local_codepage";

open FILE, ">$file_out" or die $!;

sub set_property{
print "analyzing $File::Find::name ............\n";
my $scm_out=`$scm_cmd property list -r $url -u $user -P $pwd $File::Find::name`;
my @row_out=split(/\n/,$scm_out);
if (substr($_,2,14) eq "local.codepage"){
print FILE $File::Find::name."\n";
print FILE $_."\n\n";

close FILE;

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